Osmind for Ketamine Patients

Osmind is the premier technology platform for breakthrough mental health treatment and research

The Osmind platform serves as a central hub for monitoring your progress and communicating with us between appointments. It improves the quality of care you receive, streamlines communication with our clinic, and assists you in managing your medications and treatment plan. Additionally, it enables you to submit insurance claims for treatments received at our clinic that are out-of-network.

Measurement-based care improves your treatment

Many studies have shown that using patient-reported symptom rating scales improves how patients feel. Studies also show that patients like this approach since it gives you more control over your treatment journey augments your communication with your provider, and makes your care more efficient.

The app helps you get money back for your treatments

After we treat you, we give you a superbill. You can use the Osmind app to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. All you need is the superbill and about two minutes to input information into the app — Osmind takes care of the rest! It helps you get more money back, faster.

Helps us work together to track your progress and communicate

The mobile app is a convenient way for you to access a number of features including journaling about your progress and communicating with our clinic. Together, we can make sure you are getting better!

Getting started

After we invite you to join the system, you will receive an email and text message with instructions on how to log in. This email is sent from hello@joinosmind.com; please check the spam or promotions folders in your inbox if you can’t find it. Please email support@osmind.org if you require assistance.

To get started, download the mobile app.

On the iPhone, click this link to download the app, or scan the QR code (alternatively, search “Osmind” in the app store).

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For Android users, click this link to download the app, or scan the QR code (search “Osmind” in the Google Play Store).

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